Ethical Pentest Gears

Always-on remote access and MAN-IN-THE-MIDDLE from discret devices.

Ethical Cloud Plus

Everything you need to guarantee your work does not stop.

Run your custom infrastructure with our cloud technology.

Powerfull cloud computation to run any task.

Either to crack any password in a few hours or to run powerfull Pentests  it's up to you.


Latest generation for AI and video (NVIDIA L4)

Full and unrestricted access to the GPU

vCPU 8

Ram (GiB)  24

GPU memory (GiB) 16

Storage space (GiB) 80 

Bandwidth (in/out) TiB 5

 No logs.

Self desctruct.

You can choose almost any Linux distro or windows server to your installation.

After your purschase you receive a ssh key to connect to the machine.

**Please note:

After the period of the subscription the machine is destructed you are advised to make any needed backups before the end of the subscription.

**The Price is for 24h only!!

To get more time contact us to get a quote.



10 CHF