Ethical Pentest Gears

Always-on remote access and MAN-IN-THE-MIDDLE from discret devices.

O.MG Adapter Elite

The O.MG Adapter is a hand made USB adapter with an advanced implant hidden inside. It is designed to allow your Red Team to emulate attack scenarios of sophisticated adversaries. O.MG Adapters & Cables will allow you to test new detection opportunities for your defense teams. They are also extremely impactful tools for teaching and training.

As with all O.MG Devices you use a web browser to control everything. DuckyScript payloads are 1-click deployment. The Type C connector is the active side, so this is where payloads will transmit from. When not transmitting payloads, O.MG Adapter supports USB 2.0 data passthrough functionality while the O.MG implant stays undetectable to the host. Be sure to get an O.MG Programmer if you don't already have one, it is required for setup. 

For mobile payloads, the O.MG Adapter will behave as an OTG adapter: plug the Type C connector into a compatible mobile device and deploy! 

Due to the advanced capabilities of the O.MG Adapter, they are shipped "deactivated" to comply with regulations. An O.MG Programmer is required to activate them using an easy 3 step web-browser utility. The programmer will also allow you to install the latest firmware, recover if you lock yourself out, and just generally make the O.MG Adapter impossible to "brick". The O.MG Programmer is universal for all O.MG Devices, so you only need one for all your O.MG Cables, O.MG Adapters, and O.MG Plugs.


250 CHF