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Always-on remote access and MAN-IN-THE-MIDDLE from discret devices.

Wifi peneapple @Mark VII

The industry standard WiFi pentest platform has evolved. Equip your red team with the WiFi Pineapple® Mark VII. Newly refined. Enterprise ready.

Basic edition includes antennas and USB-C power/ethernet cable.

Automate WiFi auditing with all new campaigns and get actionable results from vulnerability assessment reports. Command the airspace with a new interactive recon dashboard, and stay on-target and in-scope with the leading rogue access point suite for advanced man-in-the-middle attacks.

Next-gen network processors combine with multiple role-based radios and the Hak5 patented PineAP suite to deliver impressive results. Hardened and stress tested for the most challenging environments.

The new WiFi Pineapple Mark VII features incredible performance from a simple web interface with an expansive ecosystem of apps, automated pentest campaigns, and Cloud C2 for remote access from anywhere.

Completely visualize the wireless landscape and orchestrate attacks from the real-time dashboard.

Capture impressive loot, from PSK and Enterprise credentials to PII from targeted captive portals.

Make an impact while staying in-scope on the engagement with advanced client and AP filtering.



New in Version 2.0

Integrated Dual-Band 2.4 + 5 GHz

  • Automatic MK7AC Adapter compatibility
  • All-in-one package: Mark VII+AC Tactical

Firmware 2.0 RC: Free Download

• Enhanced Recon • Auto-Capture Handshakes • Improved Deauth • Web UI Firewall • WPA-Enterprise Attacks • 50+ fixes & features!


180 CHF